What is Eating Your Cat – Parasites, Worms, Bugs, Infections – Unwanted Guests

Cats are generally healthy creatures. But https://bensupstairs.com/how-to-clear-a-cloudy-pool-with-baking-soda even so, almost every cat will at some point be bothered by worms, bugs, infections and other cat ailments. Usually such problems do not develop into serious health threats. But nonetheless, prompt cat care is the best and safest way to return your cat to good health.

When needed, will you be able to provide proper cat care? Sure you will, if you learn more about the worms, bugs, infections and other cat ailments common to cats. Let’s take a closer look, starting with worms.

Hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms cause an assortment of symptoms and problems. These parasites live in a cat’s intestines and, depending on the type, feed off the cat’s blood supply or the nutrients it gets from food. Vomiting, anemia, a dull coat, and sluggishness are symptoms your cat might experience. If you notice any of these, have a stool sample (fecal float) ready for your vet to analyze. That is the only way to confirm a worm infestation and appropriate treatment regimen.

You probably already know about fleas, the bugs that bug cats most. Keeping these bugs under control can be a constant battle requiring determination and patience. In this case, prevention is the best cure. And it is also part of responsible cat care.

If not treated promptly, bites, excessive scratching, and other skin abrasions can cause infections. At-home first aid is usually a sufficient first course of treatment. However, if the wound is not healing properly, contact your cat’s vet to increase your chances of warding off infections.

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