Tips on Choosing Wooden Bifold Doors

In constructing houses and offices, space is always one of the major considerations. As much as possible, everyone would always want to save space allocated for fixtures such as storage cabinets and doors. Thus, many designs have been produced for space consuming doors, such as sliding and accordion. One of the designs that have garnered favor from engineers and interior designers is the bifold door.

A bifold door is actually composed of two doors that fold to one side. These two doors run on rollers and track, and are connected together by hinges folding doors in dubai. This design is indeed very practical because this type of door consumes lesser space when folded than the conventional door. As such, these doors are very good options for smaller rooms and spaces.

One of the major advantages of bifold doors is that these doors allow complete access to an area, contrary to sliding doors. In fact, some of the most common applications of such doors include separating rooms and hiding small spaces such as laundry space or office nooks.

In choosing bifold doors though, there are some factors which have to be critically considered. One of these factors is the material type. There are many materials used in making these doors. The most common materials include aluminum, PVC, and timber or wood. While each of these different materials exhibit unique characteristics, the wooden doors have become the favorite of many.

Wooden bifold doors are not only aesthetically beautiful; the varieties are wide as well. There are various types of wood options for wooden doors. Thus, you can always choose the best color, grain, and type of wood that you find perfect for your room or space.

The second factor is the size and number of panels. The size of the door opening should be carefully considered as the size of the bifold door is dependent on it. Sometimes, it is the other way around though, the sizes of commercially available wooden doors are first determined before the size of the door opening is. This is done in order to save time and money, in case the desired door size in not commercially available.

The third factor is the configuration options. This would include options on how this type of door are folded and opened. Normally, the configuration of the bifold door is dependent on the space requirement and arrangement of the room. There are a so many varieties of bifold doors on the market today, from wood-framed glass to anodized metals, powder coated aluminium and everything in between. Not only is there a huge range of styles when it comes to bifold doors, technological advances mean that there are also a great deal of functionalities to choose from when it comes to selecting exactly the right door for you.

One of the most popular styles in these types of doors today, for both commercial and residential locations worldwide, is the Hawksebury Door system. This style of doors is a favourite for many different reasons, not least their practicality and stylish appearance.

The Hawkesbury style of doors is an industry leading design due to its incorporation of large bi-folding door panels that run from floor-to-ceiling, making them ideal for residential and commercial settings such as caf├ęs and shops. Whether configured for inward or outward stacking, Hawkesbury doors allow for a smooth and streamlined flow between indoor and outdoor spaces and are so flexible in design that they can incorporate an integrated fly screen system or be fitted into corner spaces. Hawkesbury bifolds can also be fitted with flush bolts and mortise locks, making them a very secure design for domestic properties. When open, Hawkesbury bifold doors provide expansive space to move through and around, as well as offering wonderful views when fitted with glass panels. When closed, they effectively provide robust and reliable ‘walls. ‘

Incorporating all the general benefits of traditional bifold doors, Hawkesbury doors are far more effective and stylish than standing partitions because they possess the flexibility of screens combined with the strength, durability, sound proofing and security of regular swinging doors. They are ideal for creating interior rooms in small homes and offices because, rather than hinging, they concertina against the adjacent wall, creating a larger opening of adjustable size and leave more room available to move around them. Bifolds are so good at creating space because of the way they are constructed to run smoothly along horizontal tracks, meaning that they can be easily and quickly folded away to expand divided spaces for changes in office arrangement or family events and special occasions.

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