The Most Beautiful Girl In Vietnam

“You should be so great with the ladies. We should see you score on this one!”

Doug Didyoung, a French Linguist from Reading, PA, had recently struck out as had each non-language specialist in the Chez New York. His test was overwhelming. Ann Marie Lebrette was, undoubtedly, the most delightful young lady I had seen anyplace, not to mention Vietnam. A man would be a simpleton not to attempt, but rather every time somebody addressed her, English and presently French, her answer was, “I no beit!” (I don’t have any idea!)

My enormous benefit was that I was prepared as a Vietnamese etymologist in the Army Security Agency. (To diverge briefly, the ASA never served in Vietnam [wink]. As we used to say, “We haven’t arrived. We were never there. There is no such thing as us.)

In Vietnamese, Ann Marie was designated “Hai”. I presented myself in the most widely used language, and she had, obviously, no chance to overlook me since she was clearly not hard of hearing, I was a paying client, and it was her mom’s business (among numerous as I was to find out).

After a couple of visits, Hai and her companion Thi consented to meet me at a lake right beyond Pleiku to swim. GI’s and Vietnamese frequently swam there for diversion, and Montagnards, native to the Central Highlands, frequently chased and fished nearby.

Hai and Thi showed up chuckling and holding each other’s hands, a typical practice among close female and male companions in Southeast Asia.

I had brought my pneumatic bed, so Thi and I walked around the lake together, clutched the inflatable cushion opposite each other and talked for a really long time. We met a few times; the discussions turned out to be more personal, lastly out and out provocative.

Ann Marie’s mom found out. She had fallen head over heels for a French nangs delivery brisbane during the 50s, and Ann Marie was the outcome. Whenever the French pulled out, so did the man with whom she had become hopelessly enamored. She totally didn’t maintain that exactly the same thing should happen to her valuable little girl.

Right off the bat Hai let me know that her mom, having caught wind of me, was done conversing with her. This was viewed as a significant discipline in Vietnamese society. She said, “That is alright in light of the fact that I have you to converse with.”

I had first become drawn to Ann Marie as a result of her magnificence, and the way that no one else could score with her, and the pride of answering a test. Presently I was simply enamored with a lady whose inward magnificence was just as shocking as her long dim hair; graceful, European form; brown, shining eyes with that sprinkle of Asia in the corners; and sweet, sweet lips. I was beginning my arrangements to surrender my top secret/cryptologic exceptional status to wed the young lady of my fantasies.

Across the lake, which was in a sort of gigantic hole, was an abandoned ocean side region and up the hundred-foot precipice was a Buddhist convent. Hai and I entered the lake not surprisingly, started talking and kissing, while under the water my hand wandered to her thigh. First time I’d at any point contacted her in a manner that had sexual undertones. She had a frightened look all over, I continued to tell her how delightful she was, and she liquefied. I recommended we oar to the further shore for protection, and she concurred.

We started rowing…



You must child! How is it that something could like this happen anyplace other than in a book? Sonofagun!

We scaled out of the water, dried ourselves dry, and Hai and Thi strolled off together talking in calm tones. That was the last time that I was with the most wonderful young lady in Vietnam.

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