Enjoy Your Vacation With the Best Maui Tours

Maui is one of the larger volcanic islands of Hawaii that boasts beautiful natural landscapes, beaches and history. There are many activities that are available for tourists to take advantage of, but it is best to consult with a tour group or to book a tour of the island through a tour service. Maui is a major tourist attraction and there is an abundance of Maui tours available to choose from. When booking a tour it is best to check with your travel agent for recommendations for reputable tour groups or the hotel concierge to ensure you are booking a group that has an outstanding track record. Here are some types of excursions you can book with a Maui tour group.

The region of Hawaii has many inlets and coves that are shallow and perfect for snorkeling. If you have never snorkeled before it is best to book a tour group that will demonstrate how to snorkel properly. Most of the Maui tours that include snorkeling will provide equipment and a ride to the snorkeling location. A good tour will also point out the best locations to snorkel and identify some of the marine life that you are likely to see. Be sure to check that the equipment is in good condition if possible, before booking this type of tourTour/

There are two main shield volcanoes that created Maui. There are tours of one of the most prominent, Haleakalā. The history of Maui is centered around this particular location as it was believed to be the birthplace of the kayaking orlando grandmother of the demigod Maui. There are also aerial tours of this region. While this volcanic region is no longer active, it is a beautiful part of the Maui scene.

None of the Maui tours will provide you with a more inspirational experience than watching humpback whales and Killer whales. These tours will likely be based on the migratory pattern of these beautiful sea creatures as they migrate to Hawaii to birth and raise their young. There are few places on Earth where you can have such a close encounter with these magnificent mammals. An experienced boat tour guide is able to get you close to the action and allow you to have a close encounter with these large and rare whales.

A good tour group can recommend a great authentic luau for you to experience the rich cultural experience of the Polynesian people. The Old Lahaina Luau is one of the most booked experiences by Maui tours. It is a window into the culture of the Hawaiian Islands. Party in Polynesian style and feast until you can’t eat another bite at this traditional Hawaiian experience. Perhaps you will even learn to Hula dance!

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