Avoiding Credit Repair Scams – Tips For Using a Professional to Deal With an Item on Your Credit Report

Credit repair is a fast growing industry that is providing a viable solution for consumers to regain financial stability. The need for credit repair services is on the rise due to an overall decrease in consumer spending and increasing delinquency rates on credit accounts. This service is becoming more popular as identity theft rises which presents many consumers with a multitude of problems ranging from a bad credit rating to disastrous financial circumstances. The service provides consumers with the ability to quickly repair their credit and improve their credit score.

In most cases consumers do not realize that there is a correlation between credit score and debt. A good credit score will give consumers access to loans and credit cards at better interest rates. A bad credit score can cause serious difficulty obtaining necessary funding for basic necessities strongCreditrepair.com. Using credit repair software allows consumers to quickly improve their credit score and correct inaccurate or erroneous information on their credit report.

One of the first things you may want to do when you begin your credit report repair process is to get started on disputing any negative items you find. Negative items on your report are an accumulation of late payments, charge offs, collection amounts and bankruptcies. Once you have identified the negative entries you can begin to dispute them. To dispute any of these items you will need to get started on a letter to the credit bureau explaining the negative information and providing proof that it is not true. This letter can be provided to them via certified mail with a request for a return receipt.

After you have sent this dispute to the credit bureau and they receive it they are required to investigate the matter. A letter will then follow shortly thereafter detailing the results of the investigation. You should expect a phone call from the agency letting you know whether or not the item will be removed from your credit report. If it is not possible for them to remove the item you should understand that you are then able to send them a dispute letter to have the item removed from your report. This process can take a few months depending on how quickly the credit reporting agencies respond to your requests for proof that the item is inaccurate.

In order for the items on your report to be accurately restored you need to begin a procedure to dispute the accuracy of the item. To dispute an error you will need to write a letter to the credit reporting agency defending the item. You should expect them to ask you to provide proof that the item is inaccurate. If they are unable to prove the inaccuracy of the entry you are free to eliminate the entry from your report. Having this removed from your report will allow you to enjoy a better FICO score as all negative entries will be removed.

In the past few years the credit bureau reporting process has become widely abused by scammers who know that people are desperate to regain lost trust. Scams involving the refund of money or other issues have led to the falsely claiming that the items cannot be removed. To avoid being a victim of one of these scams you need to have a credit repair company handle the dispute on your behalf. By using a professional you are assured that you are dealing with an honest individual.

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